The Great Wardrobe Cull
I recently took a job where I can't wear Lolita everyday. To turn this into a positive, I decided to see if I could cull my wardrobe with the aim of saving for a trip to Japan and having money for new pieces. I wanted to share my process so here we go...

My wardrobe came from humble beginnings in 2011 from selling off my vintage collection. It grew to a large selection for almost daily wear which I was proud off. However, as with any obession it had grown a bit too much. I changed jobs twice so bought plain & florals I could wear at the first job change, which now I can no longer justify keeping. I firstly tried on every single dress and skirt, putting them into categories.

Category is...I love it and can't even consider parting with it.

Category is I can live without it...

Next I try everything left uncategorized on again and make a keep or sell decision. Category is I really, really like it...

Category is I can let go...

Category is I am already selling...

After the clear out a few days later I spoke to a friend and thought about sister prints and if they were different enough. I then tried these on again plus pieces I do not wear as often to be certain that I would wear them. I also tried on again the pieces I wore to the office very often and decided if I would wear them at weekends.

And that leaves 65% in and 35% up for sale! Feels a bit mad but it helped to have a pre-clear out so it is in stages. I get very attached to clothes, especially if I have happy memories. I tried to objectively consider at how each piece looked on my shape and think how I would feel if it was the first time I ever tried it on.

I feel lighter! I will be happier as it sells and goes to new homes. I can move the hangers in my wardrobe which makes a change. I am really happy with the balance of colour, shape and print. The pieces kept are ones I feel I can dress up and down. In case you fancy giving any of my items a place in your wardrobe, you can view my sales here...Thanks for sharing my process with me!

2015 Missed Wardrobe Post Catch Up
While I had posted my 2014 & 2013 wardrobes, 2015 was a year of utter life upheaveal! My husband and I were in the process of buying our very own home so our lives were mostly packed up. My wardrobe was mostly in boxes or living on one Ikea rail but I had managed to photograph just the jsks & skirts...but never got time to post.

In working on my 2016 post, I felt a 2015 catch up was in order! I find it important to take stock. I love clothes and work in fashion, so it helps me keep my wardrobe in check. I have come to think of it as Lolita stock take. My overall wardrobe only gre slighty with jsks but less skirts. I couldn't grow my wardrobe as much as I would have liked with the expense of moving so could only adopt the one in one out policy. I made my wardrobe more cohesive. Accessories, bags & shoes mostly stayed the same as my 2014 post.

So let us begin...

*Innocent World Strawberry Jam Jsk-I love that this print has jam! I owned the high waist version but it did not suit me so well. I was so happy to find this; *Innocent World Carousel of Paris HIgh Waist Jsk-my 30th birthday gift from my husband. I normally find the high waist style quite difficult but it works for me with this print.

*Innocent World Museum Bear Jsk-transformed long version of the jsk with a damaged belt with the help of a friend; Innocent WorId Forest Animals Jsk-this has been in my wardrobe a long time-I love the bunnies & deer.

Innocent World Bambi Jsk-deers & bunnies again! I love the bordeaux paired with pink; Innocent World Emmelina Jsk-an absolute bargain and has an 80s party dress feel.

Innocent World Floral Basket Jsk-the doves are adorable and the fit is perfect; Innocent World Vienesse Waltz Jsk-the essence of a childhood story book.

*Baby the Stars Shine Bright Queen of Snow Jsk-I love the story so I find this print particularly magical!

*Angelic Pretty Wonder Story Jsk-a dream dress found! I love all the elements of this print; Innocent WorId Rabbit Letters Jsk-rabbits with important mail!

*Innocent World Library Underbust Jsk-traded from the long jsk version. This is perfect for colder days paired with a bordeaux blouse; *Innocent World Original Chocolate Jsk-so easy to wear. It has beautiful gold elements to the print.

Innocent World Chocolate Chess Jsk-this reminds me of Alice in Wonderland; Baby the Stars Shine Bright Hexenhaus Sweets Jsk-Christmas candy goodness.

*Angelic Pretty Crystal Dream Carnival Jsk-I feel like a princess in this; *Angelic Pretty Lyrical Bunny Jsk-this jsk is super sweet! I owned the black version before.

*Innocent World Union Jack Jsk-this is my childhood Spice Girls dress reincarnated. Innocent World Marine Rose Jsk-a classic with roses; love the red and blue combo.

Innocent World Elenor Jsk-my Dorothy dress; Angelic Pretty Honeycake Jsk-after selling I bought this once again! This is a super sweet print.

Innocent World Strawberry Gingham Jsk-the best strawberry print-so dramatic; *Innocent World Cesky Krumlov Jsk-a perfect summery dress.

Innocent World Frederick Lace Jsk-my first Lolita dress; *Innocent World Berangere Rose Jsk-love the unusual colour combo.

Innocent World Grazia Crown Jsk-can't go wrong with a royal theme; Innocent World Westminster Choir Underbust Jsk-beautiful stained glass details

Innocent World Tea Time Jsk-so easy to wear; *Innocent World Peter Rabbit Jsk-initially not my favourite colourway but suprisingly versitile. My aunt always got us Peter Rabbit gifts when we were young so reminds me of her.

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Alice in Sweets Skirt-beautiful hidden tea party; Angelic Pretty Holy Night Story Skirt-the giant sparkly cake is glorious!

*Innocent WorlD Dollhouse Skirt-I had the jsk but it didn't fit well and I ended up selling. I was so pleased to find the skirt for sale. Alice and the Pirates Drosselmeyer's Wonder Box Skirt-the nutcrackers and teddies with moustaches are so fun.

Thanks for looking! xx


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